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Google Author Rank

Brush up on your Google Author Rank expertise, and let’s discuss these questions in a recent @dougridley blog post:

Trying to understand some specific questions about Google Author Rank…

  1. When it comes to working with a company, how have you approached having individual authors (content team) vs. one author (say the owner)?

  2. What happens when a company works at building multiple author rankings and then those individuals leave the company? Does the company’s content lose any ranking? When the company starts with new authors do those authors get some sort of boost from being associated with the other established authors?

  3. Is it better to give the author rank to the owner (ensuring that the authorship rank never leaves), and give the byline that appears on the website to the writer? But what happens if the individual writers are more active on Google+?

  4. What about Author Rank and maiden names? If an author marries and changes her name, does the author and website loose the Author Rank if the website updates the appropriate rel tags?

Possible reading in prep.:

Other helpful Author Rank reading? Please share in the comments!


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Dan interviewed many Breakfast Clubbers (no, we don’t beat breakfast up with clubs, that’s just ridiculous) about why Portsmouth is so wonderful and what SEOmoz could bring to Portsmouth by hosting #MozCation here!

MMShow 2012-0723 from ShortStreamTV on Vimeo.


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Well, ONE of the reasons, anyway!

Melanie Burger made a list of her top 5 reasons SEOmoz‘s Mozcation should come to Portsmouth, and #PortsBkfstClub was #2! Hooray!

Muffin love pays off YET AGAIN.

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