Dan interviewed many Breakfast Clubbers (no, we don’t beat breakfast up with clubs, that’s just ridiculous) about why Portsmouth is so wonderful and what SEOmoz could bring to Portsmouth by hosting #MozCation here!

MMShow 2012-0723 from ShortStreamTV on Vimeo.


Well, ONE of the reasons, anyway!

Melanie Burger made a list of her top 5 reasons SEOmoz‘s Mozcation should come to Portsmouth, and #PortsBkfstClub was #2! Hooray!

Muffin love pays off YET AGAIN.

It was a dedicated crew that showed up this week, coming off a late night the night before at HOOPLA party! We all agreed it was a smashing success, over coffee that a bit more than necessary that early morning for breakfast club…

Great also to have a surprise drop-in by Grace Peirce of Great Life Press, who ran into My Friend Dan on his way into #PortsBkfstClub.

Some things we discussed, in no particular order:

RPM Challenge and Army of Toys
SEOmoz, Mozcation and bringing it to Portsmouth! #03801moz
HOOPLA recap (when is the next one? stay tuned!)
Gold Shoe Productions, a dedicated group of student filmmakers in Maine
Ports history: tiki bar, eagle photo
Kilwin’s, how it already has a Foursquare mayor, and how visitors from Florida are already excited about it!
Effective QR codes (is there such a thing?)
Indie Games documentary coming to Music Hall 8/9, and how cool it will be to play video games ON THE BIG SCREEN from the FRONT ROW!
Thirsty Moose one week later- did it live up to the hype?

This week in Portsmouth history:

Tiki Bar and Eagle Photo

#PortsBkfstClub July 18th 2012

@nineballrider @myfrienddan @jcyr @dougridley (hiding behind a plant) (Behind camera @laughtercrystal) not pictured @Monte_Bohanan @LainieH33

#PortsBkfstClub July 18, 2012

@walterelly @thesleepyvegan @nhpatch @greatlifepress (behind camera @laughtercrystal)

Sleepy Vegan no more!

Gasp! The Sleepy Vegan is up before 7:30am!
@walterelly @thesleepyvegan @nhpatch @starshaped (behind camera @laughtercrystal)

@dougridley gets props from the patch for his @ThirstyMooseTap board shot!

Also, check out #PortsBeerClub for full beer list!

Ahhh, another #PortsBkfstClub Wednesday!

behind camera: @walterelly

Some topics discussed this morning:

Tumblr as a blog platform & pushing to it using other sources (look for #4sqDoneFail Tumblr from @walterelly coming soon!)
Can you color your at work? (Pink highlights?)
Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters social network launches!
Video as content: social setting interviews (like @MyFriendDan’s videos) less pressure than traditional staged settings
Techsoup.org for nonprofits
Grand Guignol & @johnherman ‘s show at the Player’s Ring (running through this weekend!)

And of course, like any other rational Portsmouth crew, we waited outside the Thirsty Moose, vowing to NEVER LEAVE until it opened it’s doors! (or until a very nice man who worked there came out and talked to us for a bit. Hi, Brendan!!)

Thirsty Moose Campout

@derbsworld @walterelly @dougridley @MyFriendDan @LainieH33 camp out in front of @ThirstyMooseTap!

@MyFriendDan @WireNH @JohnHerman @Monte_Bohanan (behind camera @BoucherMedia)

not pictured due to extreme tardiness: @laughtercrystal, who is working on finding an alarm clock that displays the day of the week… comment here or tweet with links, please.

Oh. And THIS (you’re welcome, @dougridley):

July 5th #PortsBkfstClub was small but strong (like bull)!

Some topics covered:

New meme app! MemeFactory- gives others’ memes, not just empty templates!
Talk of The Thirsty Moose – mostly squeals… (mostly from Walter)

Present & accounted for: @laughtercrystal (now MAYOR of The Works!) @derbsworld @starshaped @walterelly

Honorable mention for arriving just after early dismissal (and continuing #PortsBkfstClub at Cafe Kilim with @laughtercrystal) is @LainieH33.

No pics this week… Next week back with THE FORCE! I mean… with a force! Weee!

Due to the holiday this coming Wednesday, #PortsBkfstClub will be happening on THURSDAY this week.

I don't always observe holidays, but when I do, I observe Independence Day. #july4

So: no #PortsBkfstClub on the 4th- it’s happening July 5th instead. Happy Independence Day all!

Some of this week’s topics:

– Trello and other project management software (BaseCamp, FileMakerPro)

– Snapcal integrating to Evernote (and how if you install things under the influence of Old Fashioneds and don’t remember to ever set them up, they can’t help you!)

– 360 Pano (and how it turns people into alien/holograms if they’re on the border of one of the collage shots, case in point: http://360.io/DkMhVp)

– Facebook and Edge Rank for annual events like Portsmouth Halloween Parade

– Careless Whisper Sexy Sax man (and how @jcyr was him for Halloween once)

– Google+ and how we wish more people were on it (and how happy they must have been about Twitter/FourSquare being down at times this week)

– GoogleApps for biz email (and how long it takes to transition after many years in Outlook)

This week in ports history:
The old police station, The Press Room (where @laughtercrystal was NOT conceived!!!)

#PortsBkfstClub 06/27/12

#PortsBkfstClub: @laughtercrystal @dougridley @LainieH33 @MelsieBurger @NHPatch (@MyFriendDan behind the camera) not pictured @starshaped @Monte_Bohanan @jcyr

Was it already really hot when you woke up today? If so, you missed #PortsBkfstClub!

We were drinking coffee (and smoothies) and discussing apps and tomfoolery before it was hot out (I know, we’re so hipster).

Some of today’s topics:

Storify (thanks for the expertise, @NHPatch!)
Foursquare 5.0
Drive Angry and Amber Heard (see Storify)
LevelUp (see Storify for code that will give you FIVE DOLLARS!)

PortsBkfstClub 6-20-12

@melsieburger @walterelly @LainieH33 @d0nkeyBOB @dougridley @NHPatch (@laughtercrystal behind the camera) (not pictured, @MyFriendDan & @jcyr)

PortsBkfstClub Pano 6-20-12

See also the Storify of today’s #PortsBkfstClub: http://storify.com/laughtercrystal/portsbkfstclub-6-20-12

Also, check out this podcast, wherein Mark Fortier from Patch.com mentions #PortsBkfstClub!


Go to the Storify of today’s meme-off!


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