Nice big crowd this morning for #portsbkfstclub!

Here are some things we discussed:

@derbsworld announced the news that @melsieburger is the new Overlord (President) of Seacoast Social Media! Yay! We decided to hum Hail to the Chief for her, but quickly thought better and went with The Imperial March. (Cuz #starwarsrules, right Cian?)

Mailbox app (no #portsbkfstclub-ers are officially in yet, but we’re all very excited! @d0nkeyBOB tells us great things about it!) @walterelly was convinced to get in line upon hearing about the “resend to me later today/tomorrow/this weekend” feature.

—Did you know that Feb 13th is “ValenSWINE’s Day”? (If you did know, we have more questions to ask you…) Thanks to @dougridley for that tidbit. It was also decided that Gilley’s was the restaurant of choice for Portsmouth’s Valenswine’s-ers.

@carleric is teaching a comprehensive WordPress class this Saturday! It’s at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, and you can sign up HERE: http://wp-mentor.com/ Carl is also involved with @alpha_loft‘s WordPress Web Dev Meetup group!

@walterelly got this shot of @monte_bohanan, @melsieburger, and @laughtercrystal doing a @dougridley pose!


—@molly_taaffe told us about this cool Mental Floss post about the 11-yr-old girl who named Pluto. We were glad she never knew about it’s being downgraded from planet status… It’ll always be a planet to her. And for some of us.

—How To Conjugate Your Apps! @monte_bohanan shared a cool way to arrange your iPhone/iPad apps—conjugation! He mentioned a blog post (this one?) that suggested you group apps by the verb of what you do with that app. For example, “Photograph,” “Listen,” “Watch,” “Share,” etc..

@IdeaGreenhousNH tweeted this genius and caused many LOLs and a few RTs… later we found out it was the marketing genius of a toddler! We can all learn a little something from this, I think.

—In other @SeacoastSocial news, @bouchermedia posted this great #vineapp video last night of the SSM leadership advisory board panel group directing you to seacoastsocial.org!

@ashley_ridley and @dougridley shared THIS amazing (and oh, so simple!) hack to take panoramic shots on your iPhone from left to right WIHTOUT turning your phone upside down! Ashley already knew about it when Doug discovered it, for the record.


Thanks, @ashley_ridley & @dougridley!

@monte_bohanan told us about Eric Reuter‘s cool stereoscopic photo posts on Facebook (please be our friend, Eric, so we can see them, too!) that made most of us make very silly faces trying to cross our eyes to see it properly!

@derbsworld always wondered why the AppleTV isn’t called iTV. We all thought this was a great question. @Monte_Bohanan knew the answer: iTV is a station in England!

Post-bkfstclub, @Monte_Bohanan reminded us also of THIS cool upcoming event!:

Innovation & Leadership Forum: Creating a Healthy Work Culture, featuring our pals at Mad*Pow at The Music Hall Loft!

See you all next week!

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photo by @laughtercrystal to prove she made #proclub!

photo by @laughtercrystal to prove she made #proclub!

Google Author Rank

Brush up on your Google Author Rank expertise, and let’s discuss these questions in a recent @dougridley blog post:

Trying to understand some specific questions about Google Author Rank…

  1. When it comes to working with a company, how have you approached having individual authors (content team) vs. one author (say the owner)?

  2. What happens when a company works at building multiple author rankings and then those individuals leave the company? Does the company’s content lose any ranking? When the company starts with new authors do those authors get some sort of boost from being associated with the other established authors?

  3. Is it better to give the author rank to the owner (ensuring that the authorship rank never leaves), and give the byline that appears on the website to the writer? But what happens if the individual writers are more active on Google+?

  4. What about Author Rank and maiden names? If an author marries and changes her name, does the author and website loose the Author Rank if the website updates the appropriate rel tags?

Possible reading in prep.:

Other helpful Author Rank reading? Please share in the comments!


See you Wednesday at 6:48am!




@AngieMLombard is bringing an order form to #portsbkfstclub tomorrow, 1/9/13—preeeeetty sure you all want to be here for this one!

Meet the cookies

Meet the cookies

I personally will be locking in several boxes of these bad boys:


At#portsbkfstclub: not only #everybodylikesmuffins, also #everybodylikesgirlscoutcookies

Vive la #portscookieclub!


It was a really big week. 20, 25 people? What say, guys?


This photo was taken after the first wave of goodbyes:


photo by @musichall
@tim_shank @dougridley @johannavoss @cutrer @Pav1ov @dprzych @melsieburger @starshaped @girlcalledcrux @andreamstein @laughtercrystal @lainieh33 @zumbaholic85 @bouchermedia @angiemlombard

See, we had to spill over into the middle of the restaurant!:

Photo by @johannavoss
Pictured: @bouchermedia @laughtercrystal @angiemlombard @GirlCalledCrux @zumbaholic85 @derbsworld

Check out the Storify for the full scoop!


See you next week!

Fun with Siri + Call Me Maybe jokes = #PortsBkfstClub sense of humor

Some things discussed this week:

Exeter’s newest coffeeshop and the only one in the area with such a focus on a quality cup- @dsquaredjava!
Al Green announced at @musichall

“Back in the Day” talk, in lieu of Portsmouth History:

Our fave childhood area attractions: @kidmuseumnh and @nhstarhop
@Monte_Bohanan‘s long hair? (please, Monte, send pics!)

@jcyr — “Code is Beautiful”

8/21/12 marked the debut of #reminderbeetle!


#reminderbeetle helps remind everyone to set their alarms on Tuesday night!

@MelsieBurger chains her bike outside BkfstClub

@melsieburger bikes to #PortsBkfstClub – Go Melsie!

Some things discussed this week:

Geek Cred podcast
OS X Mountain Lion– just how nerdy do you have to be to install it yourself? Turns out, anyone can do it!
WFNX might not be around on the radio anymore, but you can tune into RadioBDC online! Why is it called BDC?:

This cutie pie caused quite the stir- @melsieburger grabbed this shot of him while he was tied to the same signpole as her bike- isn’t he adorable?!

@MyFriendDan captured this great shot on his way in to #PortsBkfstClub!

The #BkfstClub idea has sparked another gathering (this one on Mondays) in Dover! (see previous post for the full story!)

Here in the heart of where the whole thing started, at #PORTSBkfstClub, this is what we chatted about today:

Rocky Horror Picture show (from all those tweets)

More #03801Moz talk… and how we wish they could see Portsmouth in the summer!

Foursquare- Y U NO pop up with YAY YOU’RE THE MAYOR NOW! screens? (@walterelly was able to later confirm that it’s a known bug, and they’re totally on it! W00t!)

Doug finds another Call Me Maybe video… this one, no really, THIS one is totally going to change your life in amazing ways! #Chatroulettestyle

@dougridley shares his terrifying dream of being halfway back to Dover on the Spaulding before realizing he’s missing #DigitalPorts and is stuck in traffic for the rest of the dream, unable to return to Portsmouth! (@laughtercrystal has this as a recurring dream, which is why she suffers from a sever phobia of leaving the Portsmouth city limits)

postpost.com!!! You’re welcome.

Indie Game recap for those of us who sadly missed it- @monte_bohanan shows us this cool video, and @myfrienddan tells us he’s got one coming soon!

SHARK WEEK! We discuss various shark-related things, such as how Richard Dreyfuss really got in a cage and they had to change the ending because SPOILER ALERT his character was supposed to die, but he escaped from the cage in the footage, so in the movie he survives.

@decoupages also stopped in to tell us about her upcoming show, playing this weekend and next weekend at the Players Ring!

@laughtercrystal tells @melsieburger that she HAS to watch this video (go ahead, you too!):

@Monte_Bohanan @walterelly @dougridley (behind the camera, @myfrienddan)

@laughercrystal phantom, @nhpatch, @myfrienddan behind @bouchermedia, @chuckgalle,@Monte_Bohanan, @walterelly, @dougridley, @melsieburger

Interactive 360 view here- feel like you were THERE!: http://360.io/f9Y5pE

Until next week…

It’s catching on!

@Hak42 started a #DoverBkfstClub at Adelle’s this past week:

Here’s a Storify of the founding: #DoverBkfstClub Begins!

Welcome to the #BkfstClub family, Dovahh!

Some stuff we talked about THIS week:

Do you remember your first cell phone? Did you have that Sprint silver flip phone everyone had in 2000? How about the Razr?

Cell phone insurance: it’s there for a reason. (Usually, for @buzzonabudget and @melsieburger)

#MozCation shenanigans and celebratory squeeeee-ing!

@laughtercrystal makes #PortsBkfstClub tagline “Everybody Likes Muffins” come alive by consuming the very first muffin in #PortsBkfstClub history! (Pic below)

New MacBookPros can’t be taken apart/upgraded because they’re soldered together! @nineballrider tells us this, and a convo about Apple’s recyclability ensues, sparking:

Monte Python meets mercury! (Meme below)

LOTS of talk of parking in Portsmouth (free first hour in garage? higher rates? new garage?)… and the Brewster Street craziness of the past week.

@laughtercrystal eats a muffin!

Meme by @laughtercrystal based on conversation by @melsieburger and @Monte_Bohanan

@laughtercrystal @melsieburger @Monte_Bohanan (behind the camera @MyFriendDan )

#4sqFriday hiatus! Is it just a shoulder season activity? And: “shoulder season” – where did that term come from?

What with Twitpic shrinking your images, Lockerz making you go to their site to see pic… is Twitter’s native photo upload the best?

Tweet up on Friday- who’s going? We’re meeting @SarahLWLee from #4sqKzoo

Mountain lion arrives! @starshaped has installed it but hasn’t played with it yet…

August 10th- Kilwin’s opens! @nineballrider ‘s parents run the joint, and he’ll be slingin’ ice cream, so come on down!

Ten Thousand Villages open at former Black Kitty Heart site (I find her lingerie quite comfortable –@dougridley)

“We do not have moustache confirmation.”

Video by @myfrienddan of bzzy app (below)

#DigitalPorts : Karen Marzloff, Chris Dalen, Michelle Moon!

We broke the news officially first, folks, Rufus Wainwright coming to the Music Hall!

Badminton players international scandal!

Also in Olympic news, Siri can translate KG into LB for you!

Comic sans defends itself

@dougridley was the first one to #proclub!

@jcyr @LainieH33 @laughtercrystal @Monte_Bohanan (behind the camera, @MyFriendDan )

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