@PortsmouthJay’s beautiful pics from #portsbkfstclub this morn caught the eye of @twhaines, travelling @uofnh professor.

Jay’s 3-image tweet:

Tom’s reply:

Check out Tom Haines’ North Dakota blog here:

Snowy Breakfast Club

Thanks to Jason Boucher for a few pics from last week’s #portsbkfstclub!




Checking out the app SoundTracking.

Excerpt from a recent post by Lifehacker:

  • Connect with friends first thing. There’s power in personal connections, and when you make real ones, they can give you a boost that lasts all day. Consider using a few minutes in the morning to reach out to a friend. Do it in a passive way that doesn’t demand immediate attention—a Facebook message, an email, or maybe a tweet. A while ago, when I was going through some tough times, a few friends of mine who woke up roughly around the same time every morning would make a point to start a thread on one of our favorite networks and we’d all wish each other well for the day. It was a nice way to wake up, and definitely took the edge off of everything else.

Read the rest of the article here: A Night Owl’s Guide to More Productive Mornings

Ask anyone what time Portsmouth Breakfast Club starts, and you’ll hear: “#648dontbelate!”

But why, specifically, 6:48am? Seems oddly specific…

Well, back when it all began, there was a discussion of what time would be best to meet. 6:30 was FAR too early. 7:00 seemed to late for those who have to leave at 7:30 to make it to work outside of Portsmouth at 8:00am. So 6:45 am was proposed* as a compromise. But that still seemed to early.

6:48 it was! (Plus, it rhymes with “don’t be late**,” which was a secondary reason we kept it at that crazy specific time.)

… and “#proclub”?

#proclub is anyone who shows up before 7:00am, because, as we all know, #onlyprosmeetbefore7am***!

What’s with all the hashtags? No one can answer that question… we’re just Twitter geeks. And we crack ourselves up. For even more official hashtags, visit our About page.

See you at #proclub, every Wednesday morning, at The Works on Congress Street in downtown Portsmouth.

And join us NEXT week for “why the heck doesn’t ‘bkfst’ have an ‘r’ in it?”


* Thanks to @bouchermedia for proposing 6:48

**Thanks to @URockMarketing for his enthusiasm for rhyming times!

***Thanks to @walterelly for this one!

We were JUST late enough to not be able to snag our regular corner window tables this morning, so we had a #portsbkfstclub in the middle of the Works. @Tim_shank told us about his awesome new podcast endeavor—check it out!

@bouchermedia showed us the kickass UNH app, which wasn’t new, but was new to @laughtercrystal, who thought it was RAD! You can watch real-time bus routes and see exactly where the buses are as you are waiting for them—or running out the door.

Photo Nov 06, 7 24 13 AM

See you all next Wednesday!

#proclub, anyone? Challenge accepted!



Fun times at portsbkfstclub this morning!

Just before Halloween, we of COURSE discussed the Halloween Parade, and I Could Just Diary, which founder @laughtercrystal is performing in this evening. What could be scarier than standing up in front of an audience, onstage at the Rep, and reading your heartfelt teenage diary entries?

Also took the opportunity to shoot a few short videos this morn.:

@MyFriendDan shows us Videolicious—a cool video tool for the iPhone:

What did we learn this morning?:

See you next Wednesday!

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