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It’s true, folks—it’s still light out even at #proclub this time of year! We’re almost to the time when #proclub is decidedly before sunrise, but not yet!

Here’s photo proof:

breakfast club, portsmouth NH

Stuff we chatted about today included Snapchat at the Hampton Groundhog.

The whole thing started with amused observations of the potentially rabid groundhog that had made local news:

Then @DougRidley said, “I call Photoshopping the groundhog into Lord of the Rings!”

And Photoshop he did.

Then so did I. Then @greatnsecret joined in and hilarity and fun ensued, resulting in several of us winning real things! 🙂

See the whole story at: https://storify.com/laughtercrystal/portsmouthgroundhog

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#proclub proof!

Photo proof that I made it before 7:00am today!

Because #onlyprosmeetbefore7am


Photo May 28, 6 58 36 AM

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@PortsmouthJay’s beautiful pics from #portsbkfstclub this morn caught the eye of @twhaines, travelling @uofnh professor.

Jay’s 3-image tweet:

Tom’s reply:

Check out Tom Haines’ North Dakota blog here:

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We are ONE YEARS OLD! Join us tomorrow for the one year anniversary of the tweet that started #portsbkfstclub!



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@zumbaholic85 , @angiemlombard, and @monte_bohanan

@zumbaholic85 , @angiemlombard, and @monte_bohanan


Things discussed at #portsbkfstclub this week included:

  • Of course, we talked more about Mailbox App—@Zumbaholic85 imported her 3500+ Archive and was down to 900 at the start of breakfast club. And then down to 700-ish by the END of bkfstclub!
  • Speaking of email, @laughtercrystal wondered why the hell it wasn’t super easy to simply schedule an email to be sent at a later time/date. @zumbaholic85 found Right Inbox, which does exactly that (anyone out there tried that yet? Have other email schedulers to recommend?).
  • #portsbkfstclub turned into #portscookieclub—@angiemlombard had Girl Scout Cookies for those who ordered them! Their cookie magnetism successfully pulled @walterelly from Madbury allllll the way to The Works!
  • With @laughtercrystal’s upcoming trip to Hawai’i, we discussed battery life quite a bit. She considered resigning herself to an unplugged vacation, but @zumbaholic85handed over her Mophie, so now everyone will just have to deal with all the beach pics, and also the Foursquare leaderboard is going to be p0wned! #dropsthemic
  • Discussed mic-dropping #dropsthemic (Also this presidential greatness: Obama slow jams the news, drops mic.)
  • Songza/Rdio/Spotify (@dougridley reminds us of the greatness of Songza, your music concierge; @laughtercrystal prefers Rdio to other music services like Spotify)
  • How does one choose what books to pack when going on vacation? How would you anticipate which reading MOOD you’ll be in? There should be a book concierge service! (Get on that, @missliberty!)
  • @thesleepyvegan even woke up and joined us briefly!


  • IMG_0589

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Nice big crowd this morning for #portsbkfstclub!

Here are some things we discussed:

—@derbsworld announced the news that @melsieburger is the new Overlord (President) of Seacoast Social Media! Yay! We decided to hum Hail to the Chief for her, but quickly thought better and went with The Imperial March. (Cuz #starwarsrules, right Cian?)

— Mailbox app (no #portsbkfstclub-ers are officially in yet, but we’re all very excited! @d0nkeyBOB tells us great things about it!) @walterelly was convinced to get in line upon hearing about the “resend to me later today/tomorrow/this weekend” feature.

—Did you know that Feb 13th is “ValenSWINE’s Day”? (If you did know, we have more questions to ask you…) Thanks to @dougridley for that tidbit. It was also decided that Gilley’s was the restaurant of choice for Portsmouth’s Valenswine’s-ers.

—@carleric is teaching a comprehensive WordPress class this Saturday! It’s at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, and you can sign up HERE: http://wp-mentor.com/ Carl is also involved with @alpha_loft‘s WordPress Web Dev Meetup group!

—@walterelly got this shot of @monte_bohanan, @melsieburger, and @laughtercrystal doing a @dougridley pose!


—@molly_taaffe told us about this cool Mental Floss post about the 11-yr-old girl who named Pluto. We were glad she never knew about it’s being downgraded from planet status… It’ll always be a planet to her. And for some of us.

—How To Conjugate Your Apps! @monte_bohanan shared a cool way to arrange your iPhone/iPad apps—conjugation! He mentioned a blog post (this one?) that suggested you group apps by the verb of what you do with that app. For example, “Photograph,” “Listen,” “Watch,” “Share,” etc..

—@IdeaGreenhousNH tweeted this genius and caused many LOLs and a few RTs… later we found out it was the marketing genius of a toddler! We can all learn a little something from this, I think.

—In other @SeacoastSocial news, @bouchermedia posted this great #vineapp video last night of the SSM leadership advisory board panel group directing you to seacoastsocial.org!

—@ashley_ridley and @dougridley shared THIS amazing (and oh, so simple!) hack to take panoramic shots on your iPhone from left to right WIHTOUT turning your phone upside down! Ashley already knew about it when Doug discovered it, for the record.


Thanks, @ashley_ridley & @dougridley!

—@monte_bohanan told us about Eric Reuter‘s cool stereoscopic photo posts on Facebook (please be our friend, Eric, so we can see them, too!) that made most of us make very silly faces trying to cross our eyes to see it properly!

—@derbsworld always wondered why the AppleTV isn’t called iTV. We all thought this was a great question. @Monte_Bohanan knew the answer: iTV is a station in England!

Post-bkfstclub, @Monte_Bohanan reminded us also of THIS cool upcoming event!:

Innovation & Leadership Forum: Creating a Healthy Work Culture, featuring our pals at Mad*Pow at The Music Hall Loft!

See you all next week!

P.S. If you would be interested in signing up for email notifications about new recap posts, Tuesday afternoon #ReminderBeetle reminders, etc., let me know in the comments! I am in the process of setting up an email listing.


photo by @laughtercrystal to prove she made #proclub!

photo by @laughtercrystal to prove she made #proclub!

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It was a dedicated crew that showed up this week, coming off a late night the night before at HOOPLA party! We all agreed it was a smashing success, over coffee that a bit more than necessary that early morning for breakfast club…

Great also to have a surprise drop-in by Grace Peirce of Great Life Press, who ran into My Friend Dan on his way into #PortsBkfstClub.

Some things we discussed, in no particular order:

RPM Challenge and Army of Toys
SEOmoz, Mozcation and bringing it to Portsmouth! #03801moz
HOOPLA recap (when is the next one? stay tuned!)
Gold Shoe Productions, a dedicated group of student filmmakers in Maine
Ports history: tiki bar, eagle photo
Kilwin’s, how it already has a Foursquare mayor, and how visitors from Florida are already excited about it!
Effective QR codes (is there such a thing?)
Indie Games documentary coming to Music Hall 8/9, and how cool it will be to play video games ON THE BIG SCREEN from the FRONT ROW!
Thirsty Moose one week later- did it live up to the hype?

This week in Portsmouth history:

Tiki Bar and Eagle Photo

#PortsBkfstClub July 18th 2012

@nineballrider @myfrienddan @jcyr @dougridley (hiding behind a plant) (Behind camera @laughtercrystal) not pictured @Monte_Bohanan @LainieH33

#PortsBkfstClub July 18, 2012

@walterelly @thesleepyvegan @nhpatch @greatlifepress (behind camera @laughtercrystal)

Sleepy Vegan no more!

Gasp! The Sleepy Vegan is up before 7:30am!
@walterelly @thesleepyvegan @nhpatch @starshaped (behind camera @laughtercrystal)

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Ahhh, another #PortsBkfstClub Wednesday!

behind camera: @walterelly

Some topics discussed this morning:

Tumblr as a blog platform & pushing to it using other sources (look for #4sqDoneFail Tumblr from @walterelly coming soon!)
Can you color your at work? (Pink highlights?)
Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters social network launches!
Video as content: social setting interviews (like @MyFriendDan’s videos) less pressure than traditional staged settings
Techsoup.org for nonprofits
Grand Guignol & @johnherman ‘s show at the Player’s Ring (running through this weekend!)

And of course, like any other rational Portsmouth crew, we waited outside the Thirsty Moose, vowing to NEVER LEAVE until it opened it’s doors! (or until a very nice man who worked there came out and talked to us for a bit. Hi, Brendan!!)

Thirsty Moose Campout

@derbsworld @walterelly @dougridley @MyFriendDan @LainieH33 camp out in front of @ThirstyMooseTap!

@MyFriendDan @WireNH @JohnHerman @Monte_Bohanan (behind camera @BoucherMedia)

not pictured due to extreme tardiness: @laughtercrystal, who is working on finding an alarm clock that displays the day of the week… comment here or tweet with links, please.

Oh. And THIS (you’re welcome, @dougridley):

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July 5th #PortsBkfstClub was small but strong (like bull)!

Some topics covered:

New meme app! MemeFactory- gives others’ memes, not just empty templates!
Talk of The Thirsty Moose – mostly squeals… (mostly from Walter)

Present & accounted for: @laughtercrystal (now MAYOR of The Works!) @derbsworld @starshaped @walterelly

Honorable mention for arriving just after early dismissal (and continuing #PortsBkfstClub at Cafe Kilim with @laughtercrystal) is @LainieH33.

No pics this week… Next week back with THE FORCE! I mean… with a force! Weee!

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Due to the holiday this coming Wednesday, #PortsBkfstClub will be happening on THURSDAY this week.

I don't always observe holidays, but when I do, I observe Independence Day. #july4

So: no #PortsBkfstClub on the 4th- it’s happening July 5th instead. Happy Independence Day all!

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