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Dan interviewed many Breakfast Clubbers (no, we don’t beat breakfast up with clubs, that’s just ridiculous) about why Portsmouth is so wonderful and what SEOmoz could bring to Portsmouth by hosting #MozCation here!

MMShow 2012-0723 from ShortStreamTV on Vimeo.


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Well, ONE of the reasons, anyway!

Melanie Burger made a list of her top 5 reasons SEOmoz‘s Mozcation should come to Portsmouth, and #PortsBkfstClub was #2! Hooray!

Muffin love pays off YET AGAIN.

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@dougridley gets props from the patch for his @ThirstyMooseTap board shot!

Also, check out #PortsBeerClub for full beer list!

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Portsmouth Breakfast Club was featured on the front page of the Portsmouth Patch this morning!

Patch article screencap

Click here to view full article!


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