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Some of this week’s topics:

– Trello and other project management software (BaseCamp, FileMakerPro)

– Snapcal integrating to Evernote (and how if you install things under the influence of Old Fashioneds and don’t remember to ever set them up, they can’t help you!)

– 360 Pano (and how it turns people into alien/holograms if they’re on the border of one of the collage shots, case in point: http://360.io/DkMhVp)

– Facebook and Edge Rank for annual events like Portsmouth Halloween Parade

– Careless Whisper Sexy Sax man (and how @jcyr was him for Halloween once)

– Google+ and how we wish more people were on it (and how happy they must have been about Twitter/FourSquare being down at times this week)

– GoogleApps for biz email (and how long it takes to transition after many years in Outlook)

This week in ports history:
The old police station, The Press Room (where @laughtercrystal was NOT conceived!!!)

#PortsBkfstClub 06/27/12

#PortsBkfstClub: @laughtercrystal @dougridley @LainieH33 @MelsieBurger @NHPatch (@MyFriendDan behind the camera) not pictured @starshaped @Monte_Bohanan @jcyr

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Was it already really hot when you woke up today? If so, you missed #PortsBkfstClub!

We were drinking coffee (and smoothies) and discussing apps and tomfoolery before it was hot out (I know, we’re so hipster).

Some of today’s topics:

Storify (thanks for the expertise, @NHPatch!)
Foursquare 5.0
Drive Angry and Amber Heard (see Storify)
LevelUp (see Storify for code that will give you FIVE DOLLARS!)

PortsBkfstClub 6-20-12

@melsieburger @walterelly @LainieH33 @d0nkeyBOB @dougridley @NHPatch (@laughtercrystal behind the camera) (not pictured, @MyFriendDan & @jcyr)

PortsBkfstClub Pano 6-20-12

See also the Storify of today’s #PortsBkfstClub: http://storify.com/laughtercrystal/portsbkfstclub-6-20-12

Also, check out this podcast, wherein Mark Fortier from Patch.com mentions #PortsBkfstClub!


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#PortsBkfstClub , 5/30/12

Some of this morning’s topics:

Fenway’s Social Media Night
the new bit.ly UI
#4sqFriday / Art Round Town mashup
QR codes & their best use
Kinogram / Cinemagram
Facebook IPO
Maps and apps: Socialist

@Monte_Bohanan @walterelly @MarkBGalvin @BoucherMedia @starshaped @DougRidley @nineballrider (@laughtercrystal behind camera)

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A short video by Monte Bohanan

Back history: How it all began.

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Welcome to the web site of The Portsmouth Breakfast Club.

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