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It’s true, folks—it’s still light out even at #proclub this time of year! We’re almost to the time when #proclub is decidedly before sunrise, but not yet!

Here’s photo proof:

breakfast club, portsmouth NH

Stuff we chatted about today included Snapchat at the Hampton Groundhog.

The whole thing started with amused observations of the potentially rabid groundhog that had made local news:

Then @DougRidley said, “I call Photoshopping the groundhog into Lord of the Rings!”

And Photoshop he did.

Then so did I. Then @greatnsecret joined in and hilarity and fun ensued, resulting in several of us winning real things! 🙂

See the whole story at: https://storify.com/laughtercrystal/portsmouthgroundhog

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