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#proclub will reward you with views like this! #PortsmouthLOVE

#proclub will reward you with views like this! #PortsmouthLOVE

Here are some of the topics discussed at this week’s #portsbkfstclub:

  • Podcasts! @Tim_Shank is launching one with his dad later this year, so we discussed platforms. PodBean seemed popular.
  • We were pretty excited & intrigued with #makesht HappAThon, and @Cutrer suggested perhaps an interactive children’s book?
  • What if—HEAVEN FORBID—there was no internet?
  • New Gmail Inbox for iPhone. Reaction: meh. Mostly because we all already tamed our inboxes with #mailboxapp!

Did we discuss anything that I forgot to mention here? Email or tweet me!

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