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Some of this week’s topics:

– Trello and other project management software (BaseCamp, FileMakerPro)

– Snapcal integrating to Evernote (and how if you install things under the influence of Old Fashioneds and don’t remember to ever set them up, they can’t help you!)

– 360 Pano (and how it turns people into alien/holograms if they’re on the border of one of the collage shots, case in point: http://360.io/DkMhVp)

– Facebook and Edge Rank for annual events like Portsmouth Halloween Parade

– Careless Whisper Sexy Sax man (and how @jcyr was him for Halloween once)

– Google+ and how we wish more people were on it (and how happy they must have been about Twitter/FourSquare being down at times this week)

– GoogleApps for biz email (and how long it takes to transition after many years in Outlook)

This week in ports history:
The old police station, The Press Room (where @laughtercrystal was NOT conceived!!!)

#PortsBkfstClub 06/27/12

#PortsBkfstClub: @laughtercrystal @dougridley @LainieH33 @MelsieBurger @NHPatch (@MyFriendDan behind the camera) not pictured @starshaped @Monte_Bohanan @jcyr

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Was it already really hot when you woke up today? If so, you missed #PortsBkfstClub!

We were drinking coffee (and smoothies) and discussing apps and tomfoolery before it was hot out (I know, we’re so hipster).

Some of today’s topics:

Storify (thanks for the expertise, @NHPatch!)
Foursquare 5.0
Drive Angry and Amber Heard (see Storify)
LevelUp (see Storify for code that will give you FIVE DOLLARS!)

PortsBkfstClub 6-20-12

@melsieburger @walterelly @LainieH33 @d0nkeyBOB @dougridley @NHPatch (@laughtercrystal behind the camera) (not pictured, @MyFriendDan & @jcyr)

PortsBkfstClub Pano 6-20-12

See also the Storify of today’s #PortsBkfstClub: http://storify.com/laughtercrystal/portsbkfstclub-6-20-12

Also, check out this podcast, wherein Mark Fortier from Patch.com mentions #PortsBkfstClub!


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Go to the Storify of today’s meme-off!


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#PortsBkfstClub 6/13/12

Great #PortsBkfstClub this week!

Here’s the #proclub (those who show up pre-7am, because #onlyprosmeetbefore7am):

#PortsBkfstClub #proclub 6/13/12: @melsieburger @dougridley (@laughtercrystal behind the camera)

Some topics discussed this morning:
The new Foursquare
Storify (just a brief overview for #proclub, waiting til next week for FULL Storify tutorial w/ @patchnh)
Amazon Cloud music app
Meme Generator App
Handwritten letters (and the apps that make them for you)

Today in Portsmouth History:
Water Country!

Tom Holbrook from @RiverRunBkstore also stopped in for a bit to discuss social media for small businesses and how small biz owners decide which platforms to engage in. (Go to RiverRun and check in on FourSquare!)

Today’s gang (photo by @melsieburger):

@dougridley @laughtercrystal @walterelly @wirenh @nineballrider @d0nkeybob @LainieH33 @MyFriendDan @BoucherMedia (behind the camera @melsieburger)

We even generated a famous @MyFriendDan abstraction!

#PortsBkfstClub #abstraction by @MyFriendDan

Stay tuned for memes from the day AND a video from @MyFriendDan!


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